Jay Cialone Spurgeon Maduro Review

This is a review for the Spurgeon Liga 1. The wrapper is encircled by 3 bands. Two on the upper and one at the foot. This and the oily black wrapper make this look like a $20 smoke. As I cut the cigar, I'm amazed at the aroma of the unlit robusto. It smells slightly mossy as you would have on a damp bark of a tree. This is not a bad thing at all. I've never encountered that and am very intrigued as to what flavor the pre-light draw will be. It's a very easy draw with a woody finish.

The initial light and draw are splendid. A mouth full of of smoke with top notes of oak and dark chocolate. Smoke comes through the whole cigar easily and out the mouth of the stick as well. This is a packed cigar with a flawless draw. The initial retrohale gives more wood with a slight leather taste accentuated on the end by a sweet note.

Again, as with all my tastings I am having this cigar with bourbon. A beautiful white gray ash is forming and the burn is razor sharp. As I get into the 1st half " or so of the cigar, The taste of oak and dark chocolate increase leaving a light sweetness on the tongue. As with the other cigars in this line, there is no harshness and it does not get hot.

The ash did not hold as well as some of the others in this line but it does not take away any of the pleasure of this smoke. This cigar is offering lots of flavor and smoke but no surprises an inch in. I'm seriously enjoying the flavors and smoke. As it changes, more warm wood and deeper notes of sweet tobacco come through. The retrohale is still cool and super flavorful.

An hour and almost 15 minutes in, I am only at the halfway point Of this great smoke. While the profile has not changed all that much come up Earth, leather and wood are the predominant flavors. Very consistent and tasty. As I near the next inch, the taste of dry roasted nuts appears on the profile. The smoke is giving off tobacco and woody aromas.

For pairing with a drink, a deep red wine, dark porter or a rye/spicy bourbon would do very well. I might even go with a spiced dark rum. I recommend these as the smoke turns slightly dry with heavy oak notes. While I have stated that the profile doesn't change a great deal throughout, the flavors never wane and it is a great smoke that can be enjoyed after a big meal, particularly with a steak.

It's been a pleasure to smoke and review this cigar. I would be happy to add these to my regular rotation and hand out to my closest cigar buddies.


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