1689 Cigar Club!

Welcome to the 1689 Cigar Club!

Welcome to the 1689 Cigar Club, where even pastors can indulge in the finer things in life—like puffing on a premium cigar while sipping on a glass of bourbon!

Picture this: a group of solemn-looking pastors, clad in their Sunday best, sneaking away from their congregations for a clandestine meeting at the 1689 Cigar Club. As they gather in the dimly lit lounge, you might expect a theological debate to ensue, but instead, they're discussing the merits of different cigar blends and arguing over whether bourbon pairs better with a Maduro or a Connecticut wrapper.

But fear not, congregation! This isn't a rebellion against piety; it's just a chance for these hardworking spiritual leaders to unwind and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. After all, even pastors need to blow off some holy smoke every now and then!

So, if you ever find yourself wondering where your pastor disappears to after church on Sundays, just remember: they might be at the 1689 Cigar Club, contemplating the mysteries of the universe over a good smoke and a glass of bourbon. Amen to that!

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