"The American" Cigar Review by Chance Summers

When we think of the all-American cigar, we think of JC Newman's "The American." This cigar's flavor profile is amazing. I know there have been a lot of mixed reviews online; however, I can say I 100% recommend this cigar to any experienced cigar smoker. Its wrapper leaf is grown in Clermont, Florida, by a hobbyist farmer, Jeff Borysiewicz. You will catch the flavor of this Florida Sun-grown leaf on the cold draw. It is a cold draw I have never tasted before. Excellence is what my palate tastes: a high earthy tone, with a hint of smoky flavor. Upon lighting, you will notice an overpowering flavor of the broad leaf filler, in my guess. With this being my first go at this cigar, I leave room for more flavor evaluations in the future. Some reviews have said this cigar is underwhelming. Coming into this cigar, that is what I was expecting, but I wonder if the reviewers smoked the same cigar as me. The flavor profile grew as the cigar lessened, leaning into a sweet, almost smoky BBQ taste. Then I noticed something that hit me like a ton of bricks: the strength of the American-grown tobacco; this cigar is STRONG! So if you are new to the cigar world, please make sure you smoke this cigar on a full stomach and know what you are getting into. I enjoyed every moment with this stick. The only cons I had was keeping it touched up; it canoed just a little halfway through, and it was a pain to level it out. If you are looking for an interesting smoke, "The American" is just that stick. I recommend this cigar and make sure if you are new to take it slow, have something in your belly, and light one up for America.

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  • Carlos Garcia: May 29, 2024

    Very cool! I didn’t know of a 100% American cigar! Looking forward to trying it!
    Grace & Peace,

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