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"Cigar reviews offer enthusiasts a flavorful journey through the world of fine tobacco, where each puff unveils a tapestry of nuanced aromas, rich flavors, and expert craftsmanship. Delving beyond mere smoke, these reviews meticulously dissect the anatomy of cigars, exploring their origins, blends, construction, and aging processes.

Each review is a sensory exploration, capturing the essence of the cigar experience through vivid descriptions of its appearance, aroma, draw, and burn. From the silky touch of the wrapper to the satisfying weight of the ash, every detail is savored and critiqued with precision.

But it's the flavor profile that truly takes center stage, as reviewers decode a symphony of tastes ranging from earthy notes of leather and cedar to hints of spice, chocolate, and espresso. With a discerning palate, they assess the complexity, balance, and evolution of flavors throughout the smoke, guiding readers on a gustatory adventure.

Beyond the individual characteristics, cigar reviews also delve into the broader context of the cigar industry, discussing trends, brands, and emerging blends. Whether exploring classic Cuban classics or innovative boutique creations, these reviews serve as a compass for aficionados navigating the vast seas of cigar culture.

In essence, cigar reviews are more than just critiques; they're a celebration of craftsmanship, tradition, and the timeless pleasure of savoring a fine cigar."
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20 sticks for 236
Tim Gowins
Novice's opinion

I love a good cigar. I'm not very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs, the styles, and flavors. So, a buddy and I went in together on a 20 pack sample. We then shared with many friends and the resounding opinion was highly favorable. We will be back for more!

Glorious Cigars!

I bought the sampler pack a few weeks ago and was thoroughly impressed with the speed of shipment, and the quality of the cigars. Very nice! Now I have to save up to buy more.

Blue Collar Calvinist t approved

Absolutely great cigar.s So far my favorite is the Spurgeon Maduro, Definitely plan on enjoying one of the Calvins or two this weekend. I’ll be giving lots of shout outs when I get to making more content.

To the Glory of God.

Love the humidor. Very high quality. Cigars are very tasty

Better than my favorite 10 year Perdomo

Thoroughly enjoyable

Steadfast cigar!

These cigars surely will not let you down. This is by far one of the best cigars I have ever had. Full of flavor and it hold the flavor all the way smoking it. These are very high quality and definitely worthy of studying theology with. It lasts for an about an hour and is amazing all the way through. May these cigars Bless the ones who smoke them and Bless the church’s built from the funds of them.

Spurgeon Cigars Teal Label Maduro Liga Number 3

Perfect size

Got my glass a few days ago. It’s great size and clearly not a cheap product.

Great smoke indeed

I bought the sampler pack about a month ago. Left them in the humidor for about a month. Great smoke with no issues.

Beautiful Print

Can’t wait to have it framed!

The 10oz glass I got is off kilter.

The cigars, stickers, and glass all came promptly and on time. I am still letting the cigars sit before I smoke one, but I'm very excited. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star, is because the glass I ordered, which is a sweet design, and I love a smaller 10oz for drinking neat....the glass just seems to be bad quality because it is off kilter and not a symmetrical glass. So, a bothersome glass to hold and look at. I probably won't use but will sit on the shelf for the logo.

Surprised by this cigar!

Very smooth! Great construction and a draw made for a king. Sweet notes throughout that made this cigar a delight.

Great cigar

Smooth on the draw, mild with some notes of pepper and spice on the retrohale

A Cigar Worthy of Bearing the Likeness of C. H. Spurgeon

I was pleasantly surprised at how good of a cigar this was. Plenty of smoke and a complex flavor profile.

Not smoked yet

I bought these cigars for my husband's birthday and that's not until the 29th, so I'll get him to review them once he has had a chance to smoke them.


Great cigars honoring heroic theologians of the faith.

C H Spurgeon Connecticut - (Liga # 15) - Box (10 Count)
Dr. Thomas
Anxious to Try

Currently in Guatemala on a mission trip. I am looking forward to getting home in several weeks so I can enjoy sparking a stick. I also plan to take several with me to London later this year and enjoying one or two at the grave of Charles Spurgeon as I reflect on his ministry.

1689 Cigar Sampler - 4 pack sampler

Great option

Pretty new to cigar smoking, and I loved the option of getting a sample pack! These are some big cigars that will smoke for well over an hour. Look and smell great

Excellent Cigars and Customer Service!

Great quality cigars! Enjoyed the John Calvin Yellow Habano Label. My father also enjoyed the C H Spurgeon Blue Label Maduro Liga. Was also very impressed with their customer service. Highly recommend!

Enjoyable stick taste much like a Cuban

Love it!

Great stick up there with Drew Estates

Loved every minute of it flavor changed about 3/4 the way it was enjoyable all the way to the end.

1689 Confession
Jack Jonson
Full Bodied and full strength

make sure you have something in your stomach they hit hard!

Qualify 10/10 Smoke 9.5/10 Theology 10/10

Great sticks! I know they support church plants so even better!

A good stick!

This was a good Stick! Im a bigger fan of the teal cigar but a decent draw, held together nicely and was an overall enjoyable smoke!